A.P.G Industries Services

36 years of cleaning experience at your service 

 Our Services 

Office/Commercial/Body Corporate/House Cleaning

There is nothing that we cannot do and we stand proud by that. We proudly cater to:

* Offices - small, medium and large

                                     * Commercial bodies and multi-level buildings

                                     * Factories

                                     * Warehouses 

                                     * Workshops

                                     * Studios

                                     * Medical and Specialist clinics (see below for more detail)

                                     * Body Corporate (owners corporation)

                                     * Retail shops

                                     * Shopping Centers/Malls 

                                     * Houses/apartments

Medical/Specialist Clinics

Medical and Specialist clinics require a lot more disinfection and regular rubbish removal due to the exposure of needles, blood and other bodily fluids such as sweat, urine and even coughing from ill patients. The risk of cross-infection is much higher so it is our solid aim to clean and                                                         disinfect your clinic. We remove all possibility of cross infection by                                                     disinfecting your entire your clinic in a safe manner by removing all                                                    traces of germs and dangerous substances from all hard surfaces 

                                      including all doors and door handles.


                                     We proudly cater for:  

                                    * Pathology services (blood collection)

                                    * Medical Clinics (doctor and nurse clinics)

                                    * Specialist Clinics (psychiatry, psychology, weight loss and surgery) 

                                    * Alternative Health Centers (acupuncture, natural medicine)  

Specialised Services

Our vast selection of add-on or one-off services (including emergency services) are available for all clients. Remember, we are on call and every task is our #1 priority.

* Steam Cleaning

                                     * Upholstery cleaning

                                     * Dry cleaning

                                     * Tile and Grout cleaning

                                     * Window cleaning including high rise

                                     * High pressure cleaning 

                                     * Polishing and total maintenance of all floors

                                     * Emergency flood maintenance of all surfaces

                                     * Warehouse maintenance

                                     * Grease removal

                                     * Graffiti removal 

                                     * Spot wall cleaning

                                     * Gutter cleaning

                                     * Bin cleaning 

                                     We also proudly provide toiletries to your premises such as:

                                      * Toilet paper

                                      * Roll towels

                                      * Roll towel dispensers

                                      * Liquid hand soap for kitchens and toilets

                                      * Liquid dish washing detergent for kitchens

                                      * Tea towels for kitchens

                                      * Hand disinfectants for kitchens and toilets

                                      * Dishwasher detergent 

                                      * Hand towels for toilets

                                      * Toilet sprays

                                      * Urinal cakes